Who should apply for a NRI PAN card?

This page deals with several common questions regarding who can apply for a NRI PAN card be it new or duplicate or for corrections.

Can minor apply for a NRI PAN card?

Section 160 of IT Act, 1961 provides that a non-resident, minor, lunatic, idiot, and court of wards and such other persons may be represented through a Representative Assessee. In such cases, application for PAN will be made by the Representative Assessee.

Who should apply for a new NRI PAN card?

One should apply for new NRI PAN Card when the applicant has never applied for a Permanent Account Number (PAN) or does not have a PAN allotted to him.

Who should apply for a change or correction in NRI PAN card?

One should make an application when he/she wants to make some changes or corrections in their existing PAN details such as:

  • Change in applicant name, on account of marriage or due to spelling mistake
  • Change in father's name
  • Change in date of birth

Who should apply for a NRI duplicate PAN card?

One should apply for a NRI duplicate PAN card when a Permanent Account Number (PAN) has already been allotted to the applicant but he/she requires a new NRI duplicate PAN card due to the following reason:

  • Lost the PAN card
  • Damaged the PAN card
  • Wants to change from old to new tamper proof PAN card

Can a person obtain or use more than one NRI PAN?

Obtaining or possessing more than one (Permanent Account Number) PAN is against the law.

Apply for a New PAN card

Are you an minor, major, senior citizen or any individual, who do not have a PAN card? Do you want a PAN for the first time?

Corrections to PAN details

Do you already have a PAN? Does your name or any other details needs to be changed in your existing PAN card?

Damaged or Lost PAN card

Have you lost or damaged your PAN card? You can apply to Reprint a PAN card with or without changes to your existing PAN details.